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Viridis Laboratories grows Lansing team

Field technicians use technology and science to ensure cannabis products are safe, effective

LANSING — Viridis Laboratories, the leading provider of cannabis safety and quality testing in Michigan, has recently hired three new employees at its Lansing location.

In Lansing, Adam Davis was hired as a support specialist and Craig Luna and Mark Spiric joined the team as field technicians.

“Each member of our staff plays a key role in helping cannabis manufacturers provide high-quality cannabis products and helping ensure customers are confident the products they use are effective and safe,” said Greg Michaud, CEO at Viridis.

Field technicians work directly with cannabis manufacturers to help ensure samples are collected using proper methods with protective equipment to prevent cross-contamination.

“Accurate testing is critical to the safety and effectiveness of cannabis products for both patients and adult-use consumers,” said Dr. Michele Glinn, chief science officer at Viridis. “Our rigorous testing helps cannabis businesses sell products that are consistently free of harmful chemicals and foreign matter, including chemical residue, mold pesticides, excess stalks, insects, metal fragments, heavy metals, toxins and more.”

Viridis employs 30 highly trained technicians in its Bay City and Lansing labs.

Viridis Laboratories

Ensuring Health and Safety Within The Cannabis Industry

Viridis Laboratories is the leading provider of cannabis testing in Michigan and uses the latest technology and scientific methods to help promote the health and safety of patients and adult-use consumers.