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Viridis Laboratories serving the majority of Michigan’s cannabis market

Company led by forensic science experts, former Michigan State Police leaders

LANSING, Mich. — Viridis Laboratories — the largest and leading provider of cannabis testing in Michigan — announced today it is serving the majority of Michigan’s current cannabis market using the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation, technology and scientific methods.

Formed in January 2017 by Michigan State Police (MSP) veterans, Viridis promotes health and safety and provides confidence to Michigan’s cannabis consumers.

“Viridis Laboratories is built on more than 75 years of collective analytical knowledge in forensic science, which helps us provide rigorous cannabis testing using the latest technology and scientific methods,” said Viridis CEO Greg Michaud. “The health and safety of Michigan cannabis consumers is our number one priority. Our cutting-edge analytical instrumentation provides the most accurate testing results and helps growers and processors provide consistent, safe and high-quality cannabis products to patients and adult-use consumers.”

Michaud served the MSP for over 25 years, retiring as the Director of the Forensic Science Division. This position entailed leading one of the nation’s largest publicly funded forensic science laboratory systems with eight regional laboratories and over 240 personnel.

Viridis ensures its delivery of timely service to its customers by being the only cannabis testing laboratory system that has multiple locations, those being in Bay City and Lansing. Viridis has invested over $9 million in its laboratories and is looking to expand their capacity within the next few months. The high volume testing that Viridis conducts through their state-of-the-art

facilities, maximizes consumer confidence, and minimizes the variability of test results that every state regulating cannabis struggles with.

“The composition and potency of cannabis products can vary and are impacted through the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the plant,” said Dr. Michele Glinn, Viridis’ Chief Science Officer. “Accurate servings and concentration of cannabinoids are especially vital for vape cartridges and infused edible products.”

Glinn is a Fellow of the American Boards of Forensic Toxicology and an accomplished scientist with patents and peer-reviewed published research. She has proven expertise in biochemistry, neuroscience, toxicology and forensic science.

Viridis provides the most comprehensive array of testing found anywhere within Michigan’s regulated cannabis industry and takes great pride in providing an unmatched level of customer service. The level of care and attention to detail from collection through analysis is supported by their A2LA ISO 17025:2017 accreditation and their Americans for Safe Access Patient Focused Certification. Viridis has the only Michigan cannabis testing laboratories recognized to this level which includes being the only laboratories accredited in field collection of samples.

“Viridis was founded by pioneering leaders in forensic science dedicated to helping companies provide safe, high-quality cannabis products to meet the unique needs of consumers,” said Common Citizen CEO Michael Elias. “I am continually impressed by Viridis’ exceptional attention to detail, focus on the science of cannabis and superior testing methods. They truly set the standard for ethical, effective cannabis testing that gives confidence to medical and adult-use consumers.”

Viridis employs over 30 highly educated and trained scientists and technicians in its Bay City and Lansing labs, and serves more than 100 cannabis manufacturers across Michigan. Both labs are state-licensed for adult-use and medical cannabis testing and accredited in chemical and biological testing and field sampling.

“As cannabis use becomes more mainstream, consumers are becoming more particular about the products they purchase,” said Todd Welch, Viridis Chief Operating Officer. “Our mission is to bring maximum confidence to the consumer with a focus on health and safety by providing precision results with the highest quality analytical testing in the marketplace.”

Welch is an award-winning forensic scientist who also hails from MSP’s Forensic Science Division, and helped found Riley, Welch, LaPorte & Associates Forensic Laboratories — one of the largest private forensic laboratories in the United States.

Viridis Laboratories has worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to help ensure safe cannabis products are available to patients and adult-use consumers. In compliance with Michigan’s regulations, Viridis Laboratories maintains sterile laboratory environments and

utilizes personal protective equipment both in the field while collecting samples and during laboratory analysis.

Viridis Laboratories

Ensuring Health and Safety Within The Cannabis Industry

Viridis Laboratories is the leading provider of cannabis testing in Michigan with locations in Lansing and Bay City.