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Bringing Health and Safety to Michigan's Citizens

Our company's roots start from decades of experience gained within the Michigan State Police forensic science laboratories. Our 75+ years of analytical knowhow ensures daily, that the highest quality and most ethical testing is being achieved, resulting in bringing maximum confidence to the consumer. We consider ourselves fortunate in keeping true to our mission of bringing health and safety to Michigan's citizens.

Our Executive Team

Greg Michaud - CEO - VIridis Laboratory

Greg Michaud

Chief Executive Officer

Todd Welch - COO - Viridis Laboratories

Todd Welch

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Michele Glinn - CSO - Viridis Laboratories

Dr. Michele Glinn

Chief Science Officer

Tammi Russell

Executive Administrator & HR Liaison

Wes Condon
Wes Condon


Mike LaFramboise
Mike LaFramboise

Laboratory Director, Viridis North

Sarah Andreske
Sarah Andreske

Executive Administrator and Marketing Liaison

Joe Mraz IT and Systems Manager at Viridis Laboratory
Joe Mraz

IT & Systems Manager

Jorge Lerma - Horticultural Scientist & Sales Consultant
Jorge Lerma

Horticultural Scientist & Sales Consultant

News & Press Releases

High Times: Viridis Laboratories Continues to Fight for Safety of Michigan Cannabis Consumers

Viridis Chief Operations Officer and Founder Todd W. Welch sent an email on June 17 with a statement addressing the company’s values and recent information that has come to light regarding the CRA.
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Sen. Nesbitt probes Michigan Marijuana Agency’s practices, calls recall ‘clumsy’ and ‘poorly done’ at key Senate hearing

Viridis Laboratories today applauded Michigan Sen. Aric Nesbitt, R-Lawton, for his efforts to hold the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA)
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New evidence shows MRA did not follow own policies and procedures on recalls

Emails, depositions reveal embattled agency acknowledged justification for recall was flawed yet pressed on anyways.
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Earned Media | Apr 22, 2022
Michigan marijuana lab proficiency is routinely tested, results are kept secret | Feb 24, 2022
Marijuana organization pushes for more safety enforcement to stop illicit weed in Michigan market
Marijuana Venture | Feb 25, 2022
Michigan court rules giant recall was ‘arbitrary and without basis’
Cannabis Business Times | Feb 25, 2022
Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association Targets State Regulators
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"I recently dropped off a sample for testing (my first time there) and the place was nice, clean and professional. The staff was friendly and their prices are reasonable. I got my results in a timely manner and someone even called me to make sure that I got my results. That's excellent customer service! This will be my lab of choice now."

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