Terpene Analysis

Terpenes are a specific class of organic chemical compounds found in Cannabis that contribute strongly to giving each strain its own signature regarding the smell, flavor, and color of the flower. There are many factors that can influence the development of terpenes in cannabis and include climate, environmental conditions, age and maturation, fertilizers, soil composition, and harvest times. Individual strains contain different combinations of the nearly 150 terpenes and are the main building block of any plant resin or "essential oils" and contribute to the scent, flavor, and colors.

Terpenes are believed to have a synergistic effect with cannabinoids, binding themselves to receptors in the brain. That being said, different combinations of terpenes yield different tastes and aromas, which can assist consumers with choosing products suited to their specific needs and preferences.

Sample Size Required for Analysis: 3 grams

Has a cedarwood, woody, dry, sweet scent. 

Aroma: Pulegone has a pleasant odor similar to pennyroyal, peppermint, and camphor. 

: Woody, fresh, mint, piney-like aroma reminiscent of evergreen trees.  

Aroma: Fresh, mint, medicinal, and herbal. 

Aroma: Subtle sweet fruity-floral scent reminiscent of apples, honey, and chamomile, with citrus, tangy notes, and a peppery touch. Those with a keen nose may be able to detect nutty hints with herbal undertones and just a trace of coconut. 

Aroma: Sweet piney aroma with lemon nuances and musk, earthy undertones. 

Aroma: Alpha-Pinene: Crisp, zest, fresh pine, earthy, spicy 

Aroma: Earthy aroma; Alpha: Lemony-citrus, refreshing, herbal, woody, sweet.

Aroma: Floral, lilac-like, apple blossom scent, with citrus nuances and piney hints. Some users describe that Terpineol tastes like anise and mint.  

Aroma: Pungent, dank earthy flavor, with musky notes. Moreover, it has a tropical fruity, red grape-like aroma with citrus hints. 

Aroma: Beta-Pinene: Herbal, woody-green pine-like smell. It also occurs naturally in rosemary, parsley, dill, basil, and rose. 

Aroma: Borneol is known for emitting a calming minty herbal, spicy wood, camphor-like aroma with earthy undertones. It has a bitter flavor with a slight burning taste. 

Aroma: Like Myrcene, Camphene is known for its earthy scent but enriched with citrus and minty nuances. Its earthy aroma is complemented by musky herbal, woodsy-like undertones that are reminiscent of fir needles. 

Aroma: Herbal and spicy, framed by minty notes. Earthy and woody undertones, with a reminiscent naphthalene aroma.  

Aroma: Dry, fresh, spicy, sweet & woody. 

Aroma: Citrus, Spice, Pepper, Earthy 

Aroma: It has a fresh lemon and orange rind aroma with subtle hints of spice. It has a solid citrus odor and bitter taste. 

Aroma: As its name reads, this terpene has the fresh scent of eucalyptus.  

Aroma: Farnesene has a sweet, warm, woody fragrance, framed by fresh green vegetative notes, similar to celery and hay with mild herbaceous nuances. This terpene gives plants a tart flavor with somewhat fatty and tropical fruity after-notes. 

Aroma: You can recognize fenchol by its woody, citrus scent, framed by refreshing pine hints, aromatic camphor notes, and subtle earthy nuances. 

Aroma: A terpene that gives fennel its anise-like smell and taste. It has a woody and earthy aroma similar to the terpene camphor. Fenchone is well known as a flavor and aroma enhancer and is present in many other herbs and spices such as rosemary, dill, cinnamon, star anise, saffron, and of course, cannabis. 

Aroma: A rose scent frequently found in strains that also contain linalool. 

Aroma: Floral aroma with fruity-forward notes, reminiscent of summer fruit and roses. This terpene is prevalent due to its pear-like, banana, apple, and peach notes. Moreover, Geranyl Acetate can evoke comforting woody-like scents with subtle herbaceous notes.  

Aroma: Better known  as menthol, this terpene carries a cool, peppermint aroma.  

Aroma: Woody, Hoppy, Spicy, Herbal, Earthy. 

Aroma: Sweet woody aroma with fruity and spicy under notes. 

Aroma: Floral, lavender, citrus, candy, with hints of fresh spice. 

Aroma: Similar profile to that of Nerolidol 

Aroma: Nerolidol has a spicy woody aroma with a fruity, citrus, floral background that reminds of a mixture of rose, citrus, and apples. 

Aroma: This unique terpene is responsible for sweet, herbaceous, and woodsy aromas with tropical undertones. Both alpha and beta isomers have the same fragrance and taste. 

Aroma: Pleasant, fresh citrusy and peppery-woody odor with a discretely minty note. 

Aroma: Floral upfront with balsamic undertones. 

Aroma: Similar profile to that of Sabinene 

Aroma: Woody-herbaceous (pine-like), oily-peppery, with camphoraceous and terpenic nuances. Its warm aroma is complemented by an enticing citrus taste with tropical fruity notes. 

Aroma: Floral, pinewood, with herbal subtle notes and lime. 

Aroma: Sweet, citrusy aroma and flavor with notes of fresh herbs or freshly cut wood.   

Aroma: Earthy aroma; Gamma: Citrus, refreshing, herbal, woody, sweet 

Aroma: Floral, lilac-like, apple blossom scent, with citrus nuances and piney hints. Some users describe that Terpineol tastes like anise and mint.  

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