Environmental Measurement Services

Environmental measurement is any data collection activity or investigation involving the assessment of chemical, physical, or biological factors in the environment which affect human health or the quality of life. This includes the monitoring and measurement of viable airborne microbial organisms that can be detrimental to a cannabis growing environment. Identifying the source of the contaminants is the first step to determine the proper path for remediation. 

Viridis provides the below listed environmental measurement services to its customers to help optimize the success and health of their grow, processing and retail environments.

Air particle counts

Particulates in the air pose a problem to growers via the microbial life present and the life of filters and HVAC systems. Particle counting allows for growers to better understand where areas of high contamination are present and clean the area appropriately. 

Air ion concentrations

Many growers use ion generators to reduce the amount of bioaerosols. Studies have shown that ions negatively affect bacteria and mold when in high enough concentrations. This AIC2 measures if ion generators are working effectively and how far they reach out into a grow room.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) measurements

ATP is the “currency” of cells and basic molecule used for energy. Swabbing for ATP ensures that proper cleaning is performed. ATP swabs can also be used to see where an area is contaminated without waiting for incubation periods or longer sample preparation and analysis.

Soil pH

The pH of soil has a significant impact on nutrient absorption and the health of the plant. Shifts in pH can cause stress to plants which makes it more susceptible to microbial growth. Through direct soil pH sampling, growers can better tune their nutrient and water systems to provide the correct pH range for optimal plant growth. 

Dissolved oxygen concentrations

Aerated water is especially important to plant health but also to encourage the growth of beneficial microbes in the soil and discourage the growth of bad anaerobic bacteria. Determining the dissolved oxygen concentration will allow growers to better understand the percent saturation of their nutrient mixes and adjust accordingly.

Airflow velocity

Air flow is critical to a growing environment. Not only does movement of air affect the transpiration rates and thus the health of a plant but it also directly impacts the formation of mold on plant surfaces. Stagnant, warm, and humid air is the perfect environment for mold to grow. 

Airborne Microbials

Micro-organisms are naturally present in the air. Some micro-organisms can potentially be pathogenic to consumers. Air sampling gallows for the monitoring of viable airborne microbial organisms. 

Surface Microbial Testing (Detection & Speciated)

Regular surface swab testing can help provide trend analyses, telling cultivators when and where certain types of micro-organisms are likely to occur. Surface microbial testing can also help ensure that facility control procedures are working effectively. Microbial analyses identify bacteria, yeast, and mold present on surfaces within the cultivation environment.

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