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Viridis Laboratories applauds court ruling limiting cannabis recall, reining in MRA

LANSING and BAY CITY, Mich. — Viridis Laboratories today commends the decision by Michigan Court of Claims Chief Judge Christopher M. Murray to strike down approximately half of the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s sweeping recall of cannabis tested by Viridis.

Murray on Friday released an opinion that the MRA’s recall is overbroad by including products tested by the Viridis Bay City laboratory, even though all products that allegedly failed retesting were tested at the separate Viridis Lansing facility.

Viridis had been approved by the MRA to test and retest samples at both of its labs in Lansing and Bay City. With the Court’s ruling, recalled products at the Bay City lab are now cleared to go back to market immediately. The litigation continues in the Court of Claims.

“While we maintain that the entire recall was completely without merit, we applaud the Court for at least reversing the MRA’s faulty decision to recall products tested at Viridis Bay City,” said Kevin Blair, attorney with Honigman LLP. “This ill-advised recall has caused irreparable harm not only to Viridis but to growers, retailers and consumers throughout the state. The MRA needs to be held fully accountable for violating state law, ignoring the advice of respected national experts and causing mass disruption to the Michigan cannabis industry.”

The recall announced on Nov. 17 is the largest in state history and represents an estimated $229 million in cannabis products.

“We appreciated the opportunity to make our case in court and we will continue to shine a spotlight on the MRA’s unprofessional and unscrupulous practices leading up to and during this recall as our legal fight continues,” said David Russell, attorney with Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith, P.C.

“Throughout this entire process we’ve worked tirelessly to minimize interruptions to our customers and help them get products back on shelves,” said Viridis CEO Greg Michaud. “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers and ensure the health and safety of patients and adult-use consumers through our scientific expertise and use of the safest, most accurate testing methods.”

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